Hawk report from the last couple of days

Thanks once again to JumpFlapper for providing these regular Washington Square Park hawk reports!

Rosie was seen hunting then eating a rat in the afternoon. She disappeared from the park for a little while until she was spotted on 2 Fifth Ave (one of the apartment buildings overlooking the park from the north). She sat for a while before flying further north and perching on scaffolding along the west side of Fifth Avenue. She flew off then appeared a couple of blocks east of the park. Rosie flew away and was not seen again the rest of the day.

Bobby appeared just after 5:00PM when en route to the Red Roost Inn. He tucked in and stayed there for the evening.

Bobby was the only hawk seen Wednesday afternoon. There was an unconfirmed but pretty reliable report by another park visitor that Rosie was seen in the park earlier in the day (eating a rat then visiting the nest briefly).

Bobby was first spotted atop 2 Fifth Avenue (the same apartment building Rosie was first seen at the day before). After sitting on his perch for a while he flew to and sat on an upper cornice of the building at the northwest corner of the park. He sat facing the park for a very long time. He then flew behind 2 Fifth Avenue, circled the sky, then flew north up Fifth Avenue (heading generally toward Union Square Park). At 4:30 he returned to 2 Fifth Avenue, sat there for a long while, then at 5:20 went to the Red Roost Inn for the night.