Tompkins Square Park red-tailed hawks from January 2, 2012

I got backlogged with photos so this post is slightly overdue. 

I checked in on the Tompkins Square Park hawk activity before walking to Washington Square Park on the 2nd to check on its own hawks. As I was walking along Avenue A and 7th Street, I spotted two hawks flying in the distance, coming in my direction. They were flying rather low above the buildings lining the south side of Tompkins Square Park:

One of them was definitely a juvenile, maybe the same one I saw in Tompkins Square Park on the 1st. It was hard to tell though from its distance:

I lost sight of them as they descended lower over the buildings and down the avenue. 

I entered the grounds of the park and scanned the tree tops and saw a hawk in the distance (middle of the photo below):

I'm not yet familiar with the Tompkins Square Park hawks so can't tell you the identity of this hawk but can tell you it was an alert but relaxed cutie:

Apologies that the colors in the above photos are a little washed out. I had to tweak the brightness a bit in order to display the feathers better.

The hawk didn't look like it was going anywhere any time soon so I went to Washington Square Park next. The sights from that WSP visit can be found in this earlier post: