Back with Bobby and Rosie - February 5, 2012

Not seeing Bobby and Rosie for a full week was tougher on me than I thought it'd be. When I first saw the hawks today I realized how much I had missed them. 

They were both spotted at the eastern side of the park (both on regular, long-time hawk perches). 



Rosie flew straight to the nest:

Bobby flew to the Judson Memorial Church cross:

Rosie flew from the nest and to a roof of the building Bobby was on a few minutes earlier.

Her crop was very full, indicating she had recently eaten a large meal.


One wing looking super thin:

Bobby still on the cross:

Rosie on her corner of the building:

Big, bright moon with a small cluster of balloons on the right:

Rosie flew to a building neighboring Bobby's perch:

I missed seeing her leave her perch (I was focused on Bobby at the moment) but a friend told me that as Rosie flew away, she chased a peregrine falcon away from the park.


Bobby flew to the western side of the park and sat for several minutes:

Handsome Bobby:

A brief preen:

Bobby flew by so quickly, I hardly had a chance to lock in on him as he passed:

He perched in one of his favorite roosting spots for the night: