Bobby and Rosie at dusk - February 28, 2012

I heard from a couple of different people during the day that Rosie and Bobby spent considerable time together perching, soaring, and twigging on Tuesday.

At dusk, I saw Bobby hunting in a fenced-off area of Washington Square Park while Rosie sat atop a building nearby.


He scanned the ground for prey intently:


Rosie flew off her perch and toward the nest. I lost sight of her so don't know if she went into the nest but she seemed to be heading directly thereabouts (I lost sight of her as she reached the Bobst Library):

Bobby continued to hunt on various perches. 

At one point he looked up and watched something in the distance. I turned around to see what he was looking at and saw Rosie coming in for her landing on Judson Memorial Church:

She landed near the base of the cross (out of my eyesight's range).

Bobby on yet another perch:

Rosie left the church top and flew overhead and toward the Red Roost Inn:

Bobby stayed in the trees another few minutes:

He flew to the ground and landed on a creature briefly. It squealed loudly. It sounded like a rat. It must have escaped because when Bobby then flew to a tree, he had nothing in his talons.

After a few minutes he flew out of sight as well. 

Upon reaching the Red Roost Inn, I saw both hawks perched together: 

I stayed for a few minutes until it got quite dark. Happy the pair made it through another day safe and sound, I went home.