Bobby and Rosie hawk, Presidents Day - February 20, 2012

Today was a federal holiday in the US (Presidents Day) so a lot of people, including me, had the day off from work.

Bobby and Rosie hung out together a lot today. Although I did not see them copulate, they were palling around nicely the three hours I was with them.

Bobby as seen on Judson Memorial Cross through the park's arch:

Pigeons gathered together. Safety in numbers in the presence of the hawks:

Bobby floated and soared to the trees:

Returning to the cross:

Bobby flew a block south before returning to the park:

Bobby on the building on the southwest corner of the park:

Rosie soon joined him:

Rosie on the left, Bobby on the right:

Rosie flew north:

Bobby stayed where he was:


She flew to the top of 2 Fifth Avenue and was perched out of sight for a minute:

She appeared and flew above the park carrying something soft and fuzzy. She had taken something from the roof of the apartment building! It looked almost like part of a bath mat, that kind of material. There is construction being done to the building so it could also be a rag a worker left behind.

She brought it to the cross:

Bobby watched her:

She took the material to the nest:

Bobby flew to the top of the cross:

Rosie stayed in the nest for a few minutes, obviously manipulating the material into the nest. Perhaps it is the soft bed or a reinforcement for a side of the nest.

Rosie left the nest and flew to the side of a building on the eastern side of the park:

She then circled above the park a few times:

Bobby joined her in the air. They both circled above in the sky then traveled to a mews just north of the park.

Rosie chased a flock of pigeons about. She had a full crop so had obviously eaten recently so was probably playing with the pigeons as she usually does.


She found a scaffolding perch to relax on:

Bobby appeared and flew to a perch across from her:


He flew closer to Rosie:

He flew to a lower area. He was out of sight for a few minutes before returning:

Rosie preening:

Bobby upon his return:

The flock of pigeons sat tightly together:


He flew back over the park then far east:

Rosie left her perch soon after:

She sat on a perch on a terrace at 2 Fifth Avenue for only several seconds before flying off and to the cross again:

Bobby had swooped around and perched on the cross again. She perched on the roof top below him:

She then joined him:

Bobby flew to a perch south of the church: 

Bobby flew to the nest then to a building along the park.

Rosie flew over Bobst Library and out of sight for the rest of the night.


Bobby flew to the Red Roost Inn to sleep: