Lima, Pale Male's mate, is dead - February 26, 2012

I have sad news to report. Lima, Pale Male's mate, was found dead today. I heard the news from a friend just a few minutes ago. She directed me to Bobby and Cathy Horvath's WINORR (Wildlife in Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation) Facebook page for more details. Here's what the Horvaths wrote this afternoon:

"I've been on the phone today with Lincoln Karim of Palemale website. Sadly he found Palemale's mate Lima dead under the tree they both roosted in together last night on Cedar Hill. Shes been acting completely normal as of late and he reported they mated at least 4 times yesterday. He did see another bird at the nest with Palemale also today so as mother nature goes its possible she has been replaced already but that is just an early possibilty. Hes working on arrangements to have her tested to determine the cause of death."

Lincoln of PaleMale dot com will surely be providing details as soon as they come in:

-- Update -- Lincoln posted a beautiful account and tribute to Lima (despite the sad topic). He posted photos of her in final repose. She looks serene although it may be tough to see her in that way for many. However, it's reality and I think it's done tastefully and with the utmost respect.