Overlooking a soaring Central Park red-tailed hawk - February 24, 2012

My company has office space on the 48th floor of a building overlooking Central Park. I spent a few minutes on this floor with my camera today, waiting to see if one of the park's southeastern red-tailed hawks I've been following the past few months would appear. 

Patience paid off. One of the hawks flew northeast from the park to perch on a building lining the park at Fifth Avenue and 60th Street.

It was a treat to watch the hawk from above for once rather than from the ground. I'd seen a soaring hawk from the 37th floor many times but it was always soaring higher than my floor. This new vantage point provided a special viewing experience.

Flying over Fifth Avenue traffic:

I missed seeing the hawk fly off its perch while I was talking with a coworker. She spotted it seconds later flying over the street as it returned to its building perch. Good spotting!

She's got the walk sign:

Perfectly blended with the stone: