Southern Central Park red-tailed hawk sky adventures - February 22, 2012

One of the nesting red-tailed hawks who inhabit the southeastern portion of Central Park was out and about during my brief park visit yesterday.

Soaring between Solow building (9 West 57th Street) and nearby building:

Landing in a potted plant area of a window ledge at Trump Parc (perhaps to gather/check out nesting material):

Bruce Yolton of Urban Hawks dot com chronicled the story of a successful nest and brood located on the same building in 2005. Click here to see more about that story. I do not know if the current hawks are related to that hawk family.

Hawk center right with a Peregrine Falcon below it:

Enduring numerous Peregrine flybys:

The red-tailed hawk's partner showed up and circled with it in the sky and endured the Peregrine Falcon's sky attacks as well. I soon lost track of which hawk was which.

I could hear the hawk yell out from across the park.

Hawk positioning itself (talons up) in self-defense:

Look on the upper concrete ledge on the extreme right, there is a seated raptor watching the other hawk flying. It could have been its partner. Or the Peregrine lying in wait: 

Landing in the second window from the right:

One flying hawk, one hawk seated on a window sill:

Soaring in circles above the south central part of the park:

Twigs in its talons:

Continuing its circular soaring:

The hawk soared over my head and toward the Crown Building presumably to fortify its nest with the twigs. I lost sight of it as it flew over Bergdorf Goodman department store and toward Crown: