Valentine's Day with Central Park hawk pair - February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day.

I visited The Plaza area of Central Park (better known as Grand Army Plaza) today in the hopes of seeing the red-tailed hawk pair that frequents it. I've been told that the hawks may be hawks nicknamed Pale Male Jr. and his mate Charlotte.

I've seen the hawks in the same large area of the park nearly every time I've visited the park. Today was no different.

You can see one of the hawks two windows to the right of the yellow banner (between the first two green-bordered windows):

Its friend on a neighboring section of the Plaza Hotel's facade:

The friend flew past the balcony hawk (third balcony to the right):

Close-up from the photo above:

A pigeon applied its air brakes and turned right around when it noticed the hawk soaring above it:

The hawk was uninterested in the pigeon. Instead, it enjoyed flying in circles with its partner:

This was the closest they got to each other during my visit:

One of the hawks flew to a roof top I'd seen it on before:

A female mallard approached me as I stood on the bank of the pond:

In the distance I saw the other hawk land on a corner rooftop:

I lost sight of the other hawk until I was on my way back to the office. Slowly scanning the building tops was fruitful because I saw the other hawk perched on one of the roofs (on the rectangular shape right of center):

Both hawks in one shot (albeit from afar):