Windy Saturday with Bobby and Rosie - February 25, 2012

Bobby and Rosie spent the afternoon perching on various buildings and air conditioners, navigating in the air against the 25mph winds, visiting the nest multiple times, hunting, then roosting together at the Red Roost Inn.

It was a beautiful day despite the cold and wind. The clouds were rolling quickly and the sky changed hues constantly. The park was a little less full than usual for a Saturday so the hawks were not as crowded by curious park-goers as they may have been otherwise.

Rosie bringing a twig to the nest for fortification:

Bobby almost landed in the nest but the strong wind or some other distraction changed his flight path:

Rosie in the trees:

She was gathering more twigs for the nest. An angry Blue Jay perched right above her and voiced its displeasure at her presence:

She flew a circuitous route before bringing the twig to the nest:

Rosie below the right-hand water tower:

Rosie on a nearby building top:



Peregrine falcon attack:



Bobby by the nest:

Bobby flew to the trees to hunt:

Rosie watched him fly to his multiple perches from above:


He changed his mind and did not snatch at any prey (perhaps it found a hole to dive into):

Flying past fellow admirers:

Rosie following his every move:


Rosie flew to a closer perch:


Rosie flew to the Red Roost Inn:

Bobby on the left, flying toward the roost to join Rosie:

Bobby coming in for his landing (he's on the right against the sky):

Rosie on the top rung: