Friday night visit with Bobby - March 30th, 2012

After a couple of days with little to no Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawk sightings, I was happy to have Bobby's company once again.

Sitting on a lower edge of the Judson Memorial Church tower:

Flying in front of One Fifth Avenue at the northern border of the park:

Being chased by an unhappy smaller bird:

Park arch:

Hawkless on Thursday evening - March 29th, 2012

I had just missed seeing Bobby by a couple of minutes when I arrived at Washington Square Park this evening. The day was not a total loss though since I had seen one of the Southeastern Central Park hawks during my lunch break (pics for a future post).

In between scans for Bobby during my walk around the park, I took some photos of the day's spring sights:

While on West 3rd Street I chanced upon a large NYU window display featuring the park's hawks and nestcam. There is a large monitor displaying the live nestcam facing the street. The display has informative snippets about the hawks as well.

It was pretty fun to see Rosie 'live' in a sense nonetheless: 

Fun with waterfowl - March 28th, 2012

Just a bit of fun at the Central Park pond on Wednesday.

Three minutes with a hawk - March 28th, 2012

Over the last couple of days I had only sparse sightings of the Washington Square Park hawks. Today I saw a hawk for only three minutes during my hour and fifty minute visit:

Toward the end of the evening an Osprey circled briefly over the northern half of the park:

Rosie's night-time break from the nest - March 27th, 2012

Someone in Washington Square Park this afternoon was blowing bubbles so I had a little fun and took this photo of one of the bubbles:

The arch is the most recognizable image in the reflection; seen on the far right and lower left.

After a two-hour wait, I finally got to see Bobby fly to the nest and relieve Rosie of her egg-warming duty for a little while. I saw the hawks for only six minutes this evening.

Rosie must have been impatient for his return because she flew out of the nest the moment he appeared at the northern edge of the park.

Caveat; because the following photos were taken at night (beginning at 7:30), I dramatically brightened the images in order to show the subjects in a fair degree of detail.

Rosie left the nest and landed on the northern corner of NYU's Silver Center:

She must have just eaten because she was wiping her beak at one point:

She next flew to the Education Building:

She flew in the direction of the nest:

Because it was so dark and the view of the nest was blocked by trees, I did not see if she landed in the nest to switch places with Bobby again or if it was her who then flew to the same corner of Silver as before. The hawk below looks like Rosie but I can't say for sure:

Whoever it was, it flew north and out of sight: 

I looked for the hawk and waited for its return for a few minutes but it got darker quickly and I was getting hungrier for dinner so I bid the hawks goodnight.