Bobby's early evening snack before bedtime - March 12th, 2012

Daylight Saving Time has given us all an 'extra' hour of sunlight. Today was the first weekday after the time change I got to spend in Washington Square Park with the Red-tailed Hawks. Knowing that Rosie was nicely tucked in her nest with her two eggs, I focused more on observing and following Bobby.

He was on Judson Memorial Church cross at the start of my visit: 

A nice scratch:

He landed on a building (at MacDougal & West 4th Streets) I'd seen him and Violet eating a meal together at months earlier.

He ate a few bites of whatever leftovers he had stored on a ledge.



He flew to a tree within the park:

He then returned to the same building ledge as before and had a few more bites.

He flew to a building across the street

He flew west, swooped behind buildings in a semi-circle, then back to the cross:

He left the cross to visit Rosie at the nest for a minute:

After checking in on her, he flew across the park and to the Red Roost Inn:

Nighty night, Bobby!