Bobby's hopscotch to the roost and Rosie's nesting - March 6th, 2012

Bobby is always a delight to watch and follow. 

I found him on the Judson Memorial Church cross as soon as I entered Washington Square Park last night:

He first went to a window to the right of the nest window.

Sexton was in his office showing the nest (and Rosie) to guests but I opted not to publish the related photos for fear it'd creep them out to have so many people looking at them having their semi-private moment. They did look happy and charmed to see the nest and Rosie though. 

Bobby then flew to the nest:

He stayed for a few minutes before hopscotching on various perches before going to the Red Roost Inn for the night:

I missed photographing him perched on the side of NYU's Silver Center. He flew off it before I could get into position below him. He is a quick one!

He next landed on a perch one window east of the nest window:

He flew to a different section of the Silver Center:

He then flew in a direct line to the roost. He soars quickly and masterfully.

Rosie stayed in the nest overnight as she has the last several nights.