Brief visit with Bobby - March 21st, 2012

When I arrived at Washington Square Park today, Bobby was on his antenna perch just like he has been pretty often the last few days:

He left the perch after half an hour:

He first flew to a flag pole:

Then to Judson Memorial Church cross:

He then landed on the corner of Bobst Library:

After a few minutes he headed further east and sat on NYU's Welcome Center building:

From there he made a quick hop to the Education Building diagonally across the street:

He flew down and out of sight:

I didn't see him the rest of the evening despite searching for about forty minutes. 

Snap of the nest from the east:

The sun finally broke through the gray clouds at sunset and illuminated the new flowers and the buildings beautifully:

I called it a night but not before looking back at the library and Judson Memorial Church:

I heard later that Bobby reappeared and switched places with Rosie at the nest nine minutes after I left the park. Oh well!