Friday night dinner for two - March 16th, 2012

Bobst Library and nest:

After several minutes of waiting, Bobby showed up on the corner of NYU's Silver Center:

At about 5:30, Bobby visited Rosie at the nest (Bobby is on the right):

He retrieved the rat he had left for her earlier in the day...

... and took it to the top of NYU's Pless building:

She followed him to the Pless Building. He then returned to the nest to sit on the eggs:

Hawk tucked in behind the high nest walls:

I'm only speculating but perhaps he knew that she does not habitually eat at the nest but eats dinner remotely so perhaps his taking the meal to another site was his way of getting her to eat for the evening. He did not eat first. Instead, he dropped it off on the building and went to the nest for his egg-warming shift after she followed him to the new site to eat.

In either case, Rosie ate the rat dinner. The flat top was a fine dinner table:

Contended body shake and tail rustle:

She carried part of the meal to a lower perch:

After eating it a little while longer, she flew off and landed on the corner of the Silver Building to wash up:

Feaking, or wiping her beak clean:

She returned to the nest:

Bobby then flew out of the nest to partake of the dinner:

He first landed on a perch on the Silver Center:

He ate at the dinner table on Pless:

He then flew back to his perch on Silver to perform his post-supper ablutions: 

Picking a talon clean:

Scaring up three small birds on the left:

Only the tips of his wing were seen at this new perch:

He then rose up and perched at the base of the purple NYU flag:

Landing on a northern corner:

He then flew across the park and to Judson Memorial Church:

He flew behind the church tower then back again to perch at the cross:

Snap of the nest from where I was standing:

On the cross:

I had to go for the evening so I packed my things and left. When I was just a block away, two of my hawk-watching friends notified me to let me know he had just flown to the nest. He had switched places with Rosie. He was on the eggs and she had flown to the cross. After 10 minutes, she then returned to the nest and he left for the evening.

I had to laugh at missing this last bit of action but at least I knew what I missed and was comforted to know all was well for another night.