Rosie and Bobby hawk during an overcast dusk - March 8th, 2012

I only had a few seconds to photograph Rosie in the nest before I rushed to catch Bobby before he flew away so apologies for the poor quality of her photo:

Bobby was a few blocks east from Washington Square Park, on a regular antenna perch high above:

He dropped down to a lower level:

I searched for him up and down a very busy Broadway block full of people on this unusually warm day (we reached temperatures in the lower 70s in the city). 

I saw him making his way back to the park:

He was on a favorite flag pole at the southeast corner of the park:

If only you could have been there to see him tuck his wings inward and float overhead looking like a bat:

He landed on the corner of Bobst Library:

Flying in front of the building, flying east again:

He flew in a half circle over the edge of the park, landing on a terrace of the apartment building at the north (Two Fifth Avenue):

Arch in the foreground:

He didn't look rested on the terrace so I was not surprised when he was off again:

He disappeared over a low building at the eastern end of the park, not to be seen again this evening.

Good night, Rosie and baby: