Rosie and Bobby's air shows - March 24th, 2012

Rosie and Bobby were delightful with their air and perch antics. Although I did not see either of the hawks eat, they were obviously doing well. At one point, Bobby flew to and tried to catch a pigeon in mid-air but it escaped. 

The weather was all over the place today. At times warm, cool, cloudy, or sunny. Washington Square Park was full of people enjoying the weekend and good weather.

Rosie interacting with a squirrel:

Rosie circled the western side of the park before flying further west and out of sight for a while.

NYPD helicopter circling the sky several times because of an Occupy Wall Street demonstration at Union Square Park further north:

Rosie showed up again, circling the sky. She landed on multiple buildings along the park:

Helicopter observing the demonstration:

A feather is due to fall out:

Rosie returned to the nest:

Bobby got up, ending his egg-warming duty for a bit:

Spot the hawk:

(In the above photo, Bobby is to the left of the larger building's light-brown vertical left-hand border, top floor)