Rosie and Bobby's high-rise Sunday - March 4th, 2012

Bobby was on Judson Memorial Church when I first got to Washington Square Park today. Reports are that he and Rosie copulated on the cross earlier in the day and spent time in the nest. They'd been seen copulating just about every day. Since there isn't a 24-hour hawk-watching presence in park, it's safe to assume they've been copulating more than we know.


Bobby flew north out of the park. I found him perched on a high-rise apartment building on University Place between 8th and 9th Streets:

He sat on the same perch for about half an hour. Rosie was seen in the nest by folks in the park but I wanted to see where Bobby may go next so I stayed with him. 

He flew northeast:

He disappeared over neighboring high-rises.

I spotted a quick glance of him being harassed by a Peregrine Falcon or Kestrel above Broadway and 9th Street:


At Broadway and Astor Place is the tall high-rise Bobby was perched on for a while yesterday. I spotted him flying above the same building for a second:

A fellow hawk-watcher still in the park called and told me to keep my eyes open because Rosie was headed in Bobby's direction. I did see a hawk above a different corner of the same high-rise when I was standing a couple of blocks closer to the park so it might have been her.

One of the hawks then headed quickly toward the park so I made my way back to its grounds and told the same hawk-watching friend to look out for it. She confirmed the hawk was back in the park, on another perch it was on yesterday. This time, on a building bordering the western side of the park.

Hawk on the water tower cover ornament (park arch on the left):

Sunset was beautiful:

The hawk, who turned out to be Bobby, flew from the building perch and in the general direction of the nest:

He flew past the nest and to the building on the southeast corner of the park:

He flew off the perch and went north, landing on the Silver Center:

He flew further north, dropping down to the blue scaffolding Rosie was perched on Presidents Day:

Flying west again:

He made a half-circle over the park and flew back toward the nest. This time, he landed a few windows east of the nest:

Flying west:

He perched in a tree for a few minutes:

He then flew to the Red Roost Inn:

I had dinner plans so I could not stay longer to see if Rosie roosted with him. It was already very dark by the time I left Bobby so I doubt she arrived.