Rosie's early evening meal and Bobby's multiple perches - March 14th, 2012

Bobby was sitting on the top railing of NYU's Silver Center when I arrived at Washington Square Park after work. It's one of the hawks' favorite perches.

He flew south toward another favorite perch:

Flying past Bobst Library:

Like the day before, he sat on the same perch for an hour.

At 10:00AM, he had delivered the back half of a rat to Rosie to eat. You can see its curled tail and hind legs by his feet in the nest cam screen shot below:

She did not eat it all day. She must have gotten tired of waiting for Bobby to return to the nest for his incubation shift because all of a sudden she left the nest with the meal:

Bobby flew to the nest to take over egg-sitting duty when she left the nest with her meal.

Rosie flying past One Fifth Avenue:

Landing on a terrace at Two Fifth Avenue, top of the park arch in the foreground:

She ate her meal on the terrace:

Getting the tail down:

Hind leg:

Throwing back her head to get the rest down the hatch:

Cleaning her beak:

She swooped to the west then flew over the park again and landed on a building on the southeast corner:

She returned to the nest:

Bobby got up so she could return to her shift:

Bobby flew to the building where she had her meal:

He flew from perch to perch on the building, seeming to search for any leftovers or stashed food.

He then flew to multiple building perches on the block east of the park:

He flew to the park, past the nest, then back in my direction again:

Spot the hawk:

He eventually flew north and out of sight for the evening.