Bobby's nest break and a three-park tour - March 25th, 2012

It was a chilly, cloudy day for the most part today. But seeing Bobby during one of his nest breaks gave me sunny cheer.

He dove into a flock of pigeons. He came back with what looked like a plastic shopping bag. It would make for good nesting material (strong and soft) so maybe that's why he retrieved it. He brought it to a building top:

A murder of crows chased him, cawing loudly, and made a few close swoops at him:

He retreated to another corner of the building:

The crows didn't give up though:

He flew further north and disappeared. 

He flew in the direction of Union Square Park so I thought I'd take a chance on heading that way to see if I could find him hunting there.

I arrived at Union Square and oh no.....

I walked around the demonstration crowd and searched the trees, lawns, and nearby buildings for hawkness but found nothing.

I made my way back to Washington Square Park and took in the nice signs of spring during the absence of hawks:

It was time to leave Washington Square Park and attend to my Sunday chores.

I stopped by Tompkins Square Park to see if any of the resident hawks (Red-tailed and Cooper's) were around. I did not see any but did see this handsome fellow:

A pair of Sparrows enjoying their spring fever:

Happy lass: