Rosie's rat dinner and Bobby's brief flybys - March 23rd, 2012

I was happy to see a hawk on the Judson Memorial Church cross when I arrived at Washington Square Park:

Aggressively trying to break off a twig for the nest:

Flying to the nest:

Rosie flew to the cross:

She flew among trees at the western side of the park as well:

She ate a rat that was left on a large branch. I don't know if she or Bobby had killed it and brought it there:

Nearby pigeons looked on:

When Rosie first entered the trees, the flock flew up in a panic with some scattering, some recreating a tight formation (safety in numbers) before perching in the trees again.

Hind leg and foot:

The tail was too difficult to get down at first:

She eventually ate the majority of the rat, leaving a mere scrap on the branch.

Feaking, or wiping her beak clean:

Preening after a nice full meal:

A squirrel in a box near her seemed frightened yet fascinated with her at the same time:

Scratching the back of her head:

Happy shake:

She flew to a building on the southern side of the park (the top of NYU's Hagop Kevorkian Near Eastern Studies building):

She dropped out of sight when hopping deeper behind the building facade.

She hopped back up in view:

She flew to a building further east:

She returned to the cross:

She then returned to the nest:

Bobby left the nest again:

At the cross:

Flying northeast and landing on the Silver Center:

He disappeared further east. He circled the sky behind the Silver Center but I could not find him. I had to leave the park soon anyway. Another good hawk day in the books!