Rosie's two and a half hour venture off the nest - March 22nd, 2012

Bobby is tucked down in the nest in there somewhere:

Rosie was off the nest for 2 1/2 hours while Bobby took over egg-incubating duty this afternoon. I have no idea where she was the majority of her time. I circled the park and walked many of its paths searching for her for over an hour. 

I finally saw her fly toward the Washington Square Park arch as if from the trees on the western side of the park:

Happy shake:

She flew off the arch and landed on a regular food drop/dinner table building top at the northwestern corner of the park:


She then landed on an air conditioner in a window across the street then flew toward Judson Memorial Church:

She was below the cross. 

She then flew to the side of NYU's Kimmel Center building before going to the nest:

After a few seconds, she was off again:

She flew to the cross to pick a talon clean and wipe off her beak. I guess she wanted to perform her evening ablutions before tucking in at the nest for the rest of the evening. 

Bobby got up from the eggs and left the nest:

He flew to a popular building top dinner table at the eastern side of the park. He ate some food there:

Happy shake:

He perched on NYU's Silver Center for five minutes before disappearing behind the Education Building:

He flew behind the silver pipe in the photo below:

I did not find him after looking for him on the street behind the Education Building. It was getting late so I went home.