Saturday Central Park bird fest - March 17th, 2012

Curious, quick Robin:

Lady Cardinal with pretty nest material:

Her attentive mate:

Downy Woodpecker:

Another Robin:

Red-bellied Woodpecker digging out a fresh hole:

Relaxed turtles at the Turtle Pond:

Grackle pausing between songs:


Goldfinches and House Finch:

NYPD helicopters circled above often and loudly. They were obviously trying to portray a show of force since the St. Patrick's Day parade and its thousands of observers were nearby. The choppers were annoying and useless and disturbed the otherwise peaceful day.

Northern Flicker and Starling friends:

Bathing Blue Jay:

Preening Mallard:

Three red-tailed hawks soared above. There was an exciting air fight at one point:

Later on, I was treated to the sight of Zena and Pale Male flying above:

Cardinal doing his best Edward G. Robinson impression. "Yeah, see!"

Or was he Groucho?

He was accompanied by a lady friend: