Saturday with Bobby and Rosie - March 10th, 2012

Bobby and Rosie were displaying their great, natural parenting by constantly incubating their egg(s). They switched shifts a couple of times during my visit to Washington Square Park Saturday.

Bobst Library. The nest is in the second window from the right, top floor:

Bobby is tucked deep down in the nest:

The park was full of people:

Rosie chased after a flock of pigeons. She had a full crop so it was clear she was not hungry. It was likely she was teasing the pigeons out of fun, as she likes to do on occasion:

Rosie disappeared out of sight:

I searched for her in all the wrong places and missed when she returned to the nest to resume her egg-warming shift. 

Bobby spent time out and about for at least an hour. He eventually returned to the park by flying straight over the square and to the Judson Memorial Church cross:

Arch on the right:

Bobby flying to the nest:

Rosie then left the nest and relaxed on a terrace at Two Fifth Avenue to enjoy a preen:

Sitting on a Two Fifth Avenue terrace:

After half an hour, she returned to the nest:

Rosie on the right, Bobby on the left:

He landed on the NYU Silver Center at the eastern side of the park:

He then flew across the park and landed on a building at the western side of the park:

Kestrel made a few inconsequential dives above his heads:

He flew to a familiar railing perch on the NYU Education Building:

He flew to a higher perch:

He flew south and out of sight: 

It became very dark and I was freezing cold so I went home after a long wait to see if he'd return to the nest.