Southeastern Central Park Red-tailed Hawk pair - March 6th, 2012

The same two hawks as yesterday (original Crown Building nesting hawk and 'new?' hawk) were soaring, perching, and fighting/courting early this afternoon. I found a sweet spot from which to photograph them relatively undisturbed by passersby. It was just me, the hawks, and the hundreds of other milling people several feet away.

'New?' hawk (the one with the two damaged feathers seen yesterday):

Original hawk landing on the north-facing side of The Plaza:

Keeping an eye on the other hawk:

A chase:

I had just missed photographing a hit:

Another chase:

Crown hawk on the right:

Going their separate ways:

Darker hawk:

Crown hawk landing on the north-facing side of the Plaza again, a regular perch section:

I still haven't seen either of the hawks go back to the nest but that doesn't mean one or both haven't.