Southeastern Central Park Red-tailed Hawk romp - March 7th, 2012

The Crown Building hawk I've been following lately landed on a lamp post in front of me as soon as I entered Central Park's Grand Army Plaza. It was fun to see its shape silhouetted against the sky as it made its landing approach.

Pigeon landed nearby:

Fluffed up after a shake:

Because the hawk looked like a sculptural lamp post topper, I was the only person around to notice it at first. And I might have walked by it if I hadn't seen it fly to the post. That happened once with Violet. I had walked under a curved lamp post she was sitting on. I didn't even notice her on top of it until I turned around.

It was only after I started photographing the hawk with my huge and obvious lens did a couple of nearby people look up and see the hawk. They pointed the hawk out to their companions who were so unimpressed, they went back to looking at whatever they had in their hands.

Disguised in the trees:

Unfocused but fun nonetheless...landing on the statue of Union General William Tecumseh Sherman:

Taxi cab roof advertisements rolling by:

"No Standing Except Horse Drawn Cabs":

Watching a pigeon flying nearby:

Different angle of the same perch:

A closer look:

It's always difficult to walk away from a hawk but I had to get back to work: