Southeastern Central Park Red-tailed Hawks are a pair.

I took several photos of the Crown Building hawk and what could be considered its 'new' mate yesterday but haven't had the time to assemble and upload them for a post yet (was too busy with the Washington Square Park hawk shift and then bloggery of those photos last night).

I write 'new mate' because it's not clear if the dead hawk that was found in its territory in Central Park a week and a half ago was its mate or not.

The Crown Building hawk was circling in the sky with the same hawk I saw it 'fighting' with last week (the one with the broken wing feather). So perhaps what looked like a fight was really a rough courtship ritual in the sky.

There is nothing of note to report from yesterday's Central Park visit except the Crown Building hawk soared by its nest but did not go in it. Time will tell if that nest is abandoned for the season.

There were some fun shots of the Crown Building hawk from yesterday so I'll post them over the next day or so.

**UPDATE - a coworker JUST told me he saw a hawk land in the nest twice just now. Quote, "Hawk is flying and landing on the nest - just saw it land twice".