Central Park water birds and Rosie hawk on nest duty - April 30th, 2012

A Canada Goose family enjoyed a preen on a bank of Central Park's pond.

Darling goslings:

One of the parents didn't like my presence (although I was a good twenty feet away) so it stood protectively between me and its brood. 


One of the babies tried unsuccessfully to climb on one of the parents:

Great Egret:

I went to Washington Square Park at the end of the day to visit the Red-tailed Hawks.

I was only there for an hour so I saw Rosie on nest duty but not Bobby. Bobby didn't show up at the park until twenty five minutes after I had left.

Southeastern Central Park Red-tailed Hawk Update - April 27th, 2012

I haven't written about the Southeastern Central Park hawk in a while. There are a few reasons why. 

The main hawk I'd been following the last few months seemed to have lost its partner. I would see the two hawks flying or perching around Central Park's Grand Army Plaza together and fortifying a nest together as early as February. 

One of the pair disappeared in March and I feared it was one of the hawks found dead in a recent spate of hawk deaths in the city.

Over the last several weeks I wasn't able to visit the park during lunch as often as I wanted and so my hawk sightings decreased greatly.

The conference room that overlooks the Crown Building nest is undergoing renovation.

Whenever I did see the remaining hawk it was either flying solo, briefly flying around with another hawk, or just above the trees I happened to be under (making for difficult photography). I've been meaning to share whatever pictures I did take but never got around to doing so.

On Friday I finally got to see the hawk for an extended amount of time and take decent enough photos to share. I heard it cry out, "Khreeeeee" a few times while flying over the trees but I didn't see it.

It was only when I was on the bridge at the park pond that I saw it swooping by the trees along 59th Street toward the flocks of pigeons that inhabit Grand Army Plaza.

Flying by a tree near the Louis Vuitton NYC flagship store:

Flying along The Plaza:

Landing on scaffolding:

You can barely see it looking at the park:

Flying back toward Grand Army Plaza: