Bobby and Rosie in fine form at dinner - April 3rd, 2012

I caught sight of Bobby atop Two Fifth Avenue when I arrived at Washington Square Park. He was getting dive-bombed by I think a Peregrine Falcon for a little while but I was too far away to know for sure:



He landed in the grass to catch something but was not successful. He then flew practically over my shoulder and into the trees:

He disappeared in the trees at the eastern side of the park. He returned to the nest and Rosie obviously flew out of it. It must have happened very fast because I didn't even see them switch egg-warming duty!

I first spotted Rosie as she flew over the park from the direction of the nest to land on the arch.


She searched for prey:

She caught a mouse on the ground. The park lawns are being seeded so most of them are temporarily fenced. It's great because the fences prevent people and dogs from entering the grass. The hawks are free to hunt!

Down the hatch:

She returned to the nest to switch places with Bobby just before bed time. Bobby is on the right, ready to leave the ledge for the evening:

He ate some leftovers:

He hopscotched on at least one perch before retiring at the Red Roost Inn: