Bobby delivering dinner for two and Rosie's long nest break - April 10th, 2012

As soon as I got to Washington Square Park today I was happy to see Bobby soaring above the square:

He was carrying what looked like a bird to the nest for Rosie and his new baby to eat:

He flew overhead and toward the north:

Circling One Fifth Avenue:

He flew very far in the distance at times:

Rosie took a break off the nest and landed on a terrace at Two Fifth Avenue:

She must have seen Bobby in the distance and know he'd relieve her of her nest duties because not long after she landed, he zoomed right to the nest ledge:

I turned around and noticed that Rosie had left the terrace perch at Two Fifth Avenue. I couldn't see where she went. Bobby left the nest unattended and flew to Judson Memorial Church cross again:

After a minute he returned to the nest ledge:

He then flew to a top corner of the Kimmel Center:

Rosie finally reappeared above the park and soared around (stretching her wings nicely):

She landed on the side of the Silver Center (a building along the eastern side of the park). Bobby returned to the nest ledge:

He flew to a higher perch on the Silver Center: 

He's on the right-hand corner under the green cornice. Soon after he landed, Rosie left her perch and returned to the nest (she's below the third top window from the right):

I think she was only off the nest for fifteen minutes which may not sound like long but it made me a little nervous only because I didn't see where she was for part of the time.

Bobby saw she was nicely tucked into the nest. He took off again:

He flew north past the arch, circled back over the park and the library, then disappeared out of sight en route toward the west. I had to leave the park to meet up with a friend so I missed him hunting, killing, and eating a rat before he retired at the Red Roost Inn. 

Word also has it that the second baby hatched around 7:00PM. Can't wait until the morning to see the two babies via the nest cam!