Bobby, Rosie, and the Red Roost Inn Revisited - April 2nd, 2012

It was a cold and blustery day today. Winds clocked in close to 30 mph at times.

I was just about to leave Washington Square Park after waiting nearly an hour and a half for hawk activity when all of a sudden Bobby entered the park. What a joy to see and just in the nick of time.

Flying against the wind:

He ate a meal atop a building overlooking the southern side of the park. 

Bloody beak:

He flew in the direction of the nest.

After reentering the park grounds, I saw Rosie on the arch:

She either brought food that was in the nest to the arch to eat as she's done before or she ate leftovers that were left on the arch earlier:

She flew into the trees after supper:

At this point she flew to the ground and scampered after a rat who escaped her. I was very close to the action with my telephoto lens and wasn't ready settings-wise so unfortunately none of the photos came out nicely. This was the best shot:

She flew to a nearby tree to relax:

She eventually soared above the park a few times then returned to the nest:

Glowing legs:

Bobby left the nest:

He wiped his beak on a building top railing. He must have still had remnants from his previous meal to clean off.

He ate a bit of what Rosie had been eating a few minutes earlier:

After soaring above the park himself, Bobby roosted at the Red Roost Inn. I hadn't seen him there in weeks so it was a real treat to see him there tonight: