Nest switch, togetherness, and evening meal delivery - April 12th, 2012

Bobby was on the Judson Memorial Church cross when I arrived at Washington Square Park today:

Bobby disappeared for several long minutes. It was clear he had been hunting and eating during his absence. He returned to the park with a full crop and part of a rat in his talons. He delivered the meal to Rosie and their two babies:

He left the nest after a minute:

He returned to the cross:

After waiting for him to make a move for half an hour, I was surprised to see Rosie appear from behind me (from the direction of the nest) as she flew to the cross to join Bobby:

Bobby left Rosie's side after a couple of minutes:

He flew to the eastern side of the park:

He turned around and returned to the nest's window ledge:

Rosie had followed him eastward as well and landed on one of the buildings lining the park:

She returned to the nest (Bobby had left the nest ledge by then and had landed on the Silver Center).



He flew to the top of Kimmel Center (at the southern side of the park):

He then went to a tree top at the western side of the park:

About ten minutes later, he flew straight to the Red Roost Inn:

All tucked in: