Rosie and Bobby's nest switch on a sunny Sunday - April 8th, 2012

Electric tulips:

Rosie appeared atop NYU's Silver Center:

Tucked in and soaring fast like a bullet:

She approached the nest to relieve Bobby of egg-warming duty. The eggs should start hatching any day now! 

Bobby is on the left, getting ready to leave the nest:

He soared several times above and beyond the park:

A Peregrine Falcon made a few close flybys at him:

It gave up its chase and flew away:

Bobby landed on Kimmel Center (at the southern edge of the park):

He headed to the trees at the western side of the park:

The pigeons panicked upon his arrival. He sat in almost the same exact spot I photographed Rosie on March 26th:

A scratch that hit the spot:

I noticed a squirrel watching Bobby and taking a great interest in him. It walked closer to him. I could tell this squirrel was up to no good!

It jumped closer to him:

Bobby left the tree with the squirrel scampering away for its life:

Body facing downward but head is upright:

He stepped further back then disappeared out of sight.

I waited for some time for him to reappear but I had to eventually give up so I could attend to my Sunday chores.