Rosie and Bobby's perching and soaring - April 4th, 2012

On its face it may not seem like Rosie and Bobby did much Wednesday afternoon. I did not see them hunt or eat during my hour and a half visit.

They soared often while traveling from perch to perch. But they were so beautiful doing so and it was so fun to see.
Rosie's scratching hitting the spot:

I lost sight of Rosie when she dropped down behind the church. Searching for her was unsuccessful. A hawk was in plain view upon returning to the park grounds.

Shadow of talons on the wing:

 Tricky balancing act turned into the hawk doing the Silver Center Shim Sham Shimmy:

The bubble blower was back.. if you look carefully you can see the sun and the skyline of the nearby buildings and then the scene's inverse reflection:

Bobby dropped down below his perch and out of sight. I had to leave the park to run errands and get dinner so I figured it was a good time to leave since it's not rare for him to leave the park for an hour or more between visits. On my way out of the park I stopped to enjoy some blossoms:

As I approached the Silver Center I saw the tail end of a hawk.

Well then. Guess I'd better put off dinner for a few.

In the distance (to the left of the lantern):

I really did have to go so I left Bobby where he was on the cross. Thankfully I didn't miss too much because I heard later that he only did more flying and perching before disappearing for the night. It was a relief to hear that because it truly is difficult to leave a hawk.