Rosie enduring a Mockingbird "attack" - April 27th, 2012

To no avail, a poor little Mockingbird tried to bully Rosie into leaving her perch. It might have been the same Mockingbird I saw harass her on April 25th. It dive-bombed her repeatedly but Rosie acted as if she hardly even felt it. It looked like the Mockingbird was hitting her as hard as a crumpled paper ball would hit your arm.

Rosie was sitting on one of her favorite terrace perches at Two Fifth Avenue (overlooking the northern side of Washington Square Park). She wasn't going anywhere any time soon.

Rosie eventually flew off her perch and soared above the park for a minute:

She returned to her nest and two babies:

Bobby papa hawk flew overhead but this was one of the only shots I took which was worth posting:

He landed on NYU's Silver Center (at the eastern side of the park) but by the time I got to a better vantage point from which to photograph him, he had left. I had to leave the park anyway. I hadn't seen him since Monday so I was missing him!

Maintenance worker with a good sense of humor (top of Silver Center):

Rosie feeding her two babies. You can see one of the babies' heads poking up above the nest (below the camera):