Rosie's adventurous nest break and Bobby's flagpole perches - April 11th, 2012

Rosie had just left the nest for a break when I arrived at the park this afternoon. She perched in a few trees and on a big piece of construction equipment in the fenced-in area of the park. It was pretty funny when she was on the equipment because she made a splash while going after prey (literally).

She perched on the park arch a couple of times as well as on surrounding buildings.

Bobby spent a lot of his time perched on flagpoles which used to be regular haunts of his.

There was a constant yet light dappling of ash falling onto the ground from a large brush fire in New Jersey, several miles away. It was rather eerie.

Toward the end of the evening he and Rosie flew to the nest ledge one after the other. Bobby stayed with Rosie for a minute before flying to a mystery roost.

You can see Bobby's head peeking above the walls of the nest:

Rosie was out and about:


Shaking off the water:

A big crowd gathered at the fence to watch her:

She returned to the nest:

Bobby appeared:

Rosie left the nest again for a few minutes:

Rosie returning to the nest: 

Bobby was gone for a long while but he finally came back and enjoyed spending time on a couple of his old flagpole perches:

Rosie flew toward him:

Bobby and Rosie:

Rosie then returned to the nest. Bobby followed her:

Bobby then left and disappeared to an unknown roost for the evening: