Rosie's evening squirrel catch - April 16th, 2012

Rosie caught a squirrel on the sidewalk lining the park early this evening. It was pretty exciting how it happened. She was hunting from the trees of the section of the park still undergoing renovation. She saw a squirrel just outside the park so she flew straight for it, snatched it, then flew it back to the safety of the park trees.

Rosie made a woman who was innocently walking down the sidewalk scream bloody murder when she descended to the sidewalk (out of the blue) and grabbed the squirrel right in front of her. It was pretty funny. The young lady laughed hysterically while she recovered from the shock of the sight.

Rosie then hopscotched on various perches with her squirrel catch before returning with it to the nest. 

My visit started with the sight of a hawk on the Judson Memorial Church cross:

The hawk flew to the nest:

Looks like Bobby:

Bobby and Rosie took turns flying to and from the nest.

Bobby perched on the left-hand urn:

Rosie got up and flew to the cross:

Bobby had to endure yet more harassment:

Rosie watched:

Bobby flew northward:

He flew further north and out of the park:

Bobby reappeared after a long while. He landed on the north side of One Fifth Avenue:

Rosie flew to the cross:

She descended to the trees at the west side of the park:

I noticed something captured Rosie's attention:

I figured it must be Bobby so I turned around and saw him on the church cross:

Rosie soared out of the park and captured the squirrel at the sidewalk. Unfortunately, I could not see the actual hunt but a doorman of a nearby building supplied me with all the details I missed:

Rosie bringing her catch back to the park:

The crowd that witnessed her hunt laughed when she flew back into the park and seemed to cheer her on in their own way.

Bobby looked on:

Bobby flew across her area of the park and landed in a far tree or side of a building overlooking the park. With all the foliage in the way, I did not see where he went.

She brought her prey to several perches before returning with it to the nest:

Safely tucked back in the nest with the kids: