Rosie's leftovers and Bobby's high perching - April 19th, 2012

Rosie hanging out on the nest ledge:

I hadn't seen Bobby yet so I meandered around the outskirts of the park to find him. As if on schedule, he approached the park from the north. He headed straight to One Fifth Avenue:

He's on the lower left-hand side, facing the park:

I returned to the park to have a better look at him. It's better to watch his and Rosie's goings on from the center of the park.

I turned around and caught sight of Rosie flying to and landing on a perch to the west of the nest:

She had brought some of the food that was in the nest with her to eat for supper. She's done that a few times before. I guess she likes to treat the nest and ledge as a nursery only and not as a dinner table.

Rosie looked up and faced Bobby:

I followed her to see where she took her meal. I took a photo of Bobby before rounding the corner away from the park:

I found her eating on a building top at the corner of Sullivan and West 3rd Streets (a block southwest from the park):

I returned to the park to see if she had returned there with her meal. She probably flew to the nest while I was still on my way back to the park because I didn't see her out and about again the rest of the night.

I saw Bobby fly to the Judson Memorial Church cross from the direction of the nest:

He flew past the library (where the nest is) and landed on the NYU Welcome Center Building:

I searched in vain for him after he flew off his last perch. I had an idea where he landed but a couple of trees blocked my view. When I got the clear shot I needed, he had already left for the night. I checked the Red Roost Inn but he was not there. He's always nearby so I left the park with some degree of comfort that he was around even if I couldn't see him.