Bobby and Rosie visit; like the good old days - May 1st, 2012

It was a treat to finally see Bobby and Rosie in action together like old times.

There were a few Occupy Wall Street protests going on around the city so NYPD helicopters circled Washington Square Park for hours. I did not see any protest in the park but it could have just been an issue of timing. The noise from the choppers was horrendous but the hawks continued to go about their business.

It was unnerving though to see the helicopters so close to the hawks' favorite perches. I'm glad the hawks kept their distance.

Helicopter high above the nest:

Rosie and baby:

I saw Bobby in his tucked-in bullet form as he shot to the nest, dropping off what looked like a mouse:

He then went to the Judson Memorial Church cross:

He soared the sky for a couple of minutes before diving to either the trees or a building top (I was unable to see where he landed for the trees):

Rosie then left the nest and went to the cross:


I scanned all around for Bobby while standing in place so I wouldn't miss Rosie if she flew off the cross. Several minutes passed and he did not pop up into view again.

A nearby smoker (smoking is not allowed in City parks) was bothering me so I walked a few feet closer to Rosie's perch to get fresh air. As luck would have it, I spotted Bobby eating a bird on top of the NYU Law Building through the break in the trees:

He hopscotched on a few perches before bringing the remnants to the nest for the kids:

Rosie and Bobby:

Rosie left the cross and joined the rest of the family:

Bobby flew to the cross:

Pigeon flyby:


He continued flying east. I did not see him again the rest of my visit:

I left shortly after Rosie started to feed the babies once again: