Bobby briefly and Rosie's tiny rodent - May 17th, 2012

Bobby on the side of Judson Memorial Church:

I searched for him in the park trees (where he seemed to drop) but didn't find him. It's not surprising considering how thick the foliage is.

As I was looking for Bobby I saw Rosie fly from the nest and to a perch below an NYU flag:

She flew over the park square and to a perch on Two Fifth Avenue:

She then dropped into the trees to hunt:

I took so long searching for her, I missed seeing her catch and eat something. Its body was left (for leftovers?) on the branch. It is to the right of her in the photo below:

I found her thanks to a squirrel who was giving its warning cry to other squirrels. When they give that particular cry, you know there's a raptor nearby. 

Clearing her throat:

It was at this point that I saw Bobby soar over us and go right to the nest. The trees were too thick for me to attempt to photograph him so I just watched him instead.

The squirrel who constantly gave out its warning cry:

Rosie dropped down to catch something in the long grass:

The plants were so tall, she was nicely hidden from view:

She caught a small rat or mouse:

She brought the rodent to the nest.

Bobby was soaring nicely in tight circles over the eastern part of the park so I went to follow him:

He disappeared on me:

One last look at the nest before leaving the park for the day: