Bolder fledgling perch and attentive Rosie - May 30th, 2012

I visited the Washington Square Park hawk family as soon as I could after work. It was still hot and muggy but definitely more tolerable than the last few days. 

Rosie was seated atop Silver Center when I arrived:

Bobby was on Judson Memorial Church's cross:

One of the fledglings was in plain view atop NYU's Leon Shimkin Hall (otherwise known as the George Borgfeldt & Company Building), an eleven story building just east of the Bobst Library. You can see the red brick of the library in the photos below.

The fledgling was eating a meal. The roof of Shimkin is very high up so it was quite impressive to see the youngster there. Bobby and Rosie had full view of the baby from where they perched. 

The other fledgling was tucked out of sight atop Silver Center during my stay. It had quite the adventure today. It was the fledgling that had dropped into the construction area and was there overnight. It eventually found its way out and even landed on the arch before flying to Silver. I missed seeing all that but my hawk-watching colleagues on the ground witnessed it while I was at work and told me all about it when I got to the park. 


A Mockingbird tried to bully Rosie away. The poor thing bounced off her during its dive-bombs with about the same power a wiffle ball would have against a rhinoceros. 

Rosie became annoyed and flew away. The Mockingbird gave chase. It looked like Rosie was scratching her head while she flew:

She joined the fledgling atop Shimkin:

She sat close to the fledgling for several minutes.

Bobby watching:

Baby stretch:

Rosie flew off the building and headed south and out of sight.

Rosie returned. She flew past Shimkin and landed atop the purple NYU flag atop Silver Center (perhaps to look over the other fledgling):

After a while she flew east and again out of sight:


I only stayed in the park for an hour. The last couple of days' fledgling excitement and drama have been pretty draining on me on a few levels so I went home to rest and recharge.