Washington Square Park fledgling on Silver, Bobby guarding - May 29th, 2012

9:26AM. I got to Washington Square Park around 8:15AM this morning and saw one of the fledglings and Bobby. The fledgling was seated in front of the Silver Center window it was at the night before. Bobby was seated several feet above it, obviously guarding it. As I approached Silver, I heard a hawk cry out, "Khreee" seemingly from a tree in front of me or from the side or top of the building just outside the trees. I never did see it. It may not have been where I imagined it but it sounded awfully close. Of course, it might have been the Silver Center fledgling I heard and not a different hawk. The sound of the hawks' cries travel quite far. I did not see Rosie either. She may have been with the other fledgling.



The empty ledge:

I could not stay longer to look for Rosie or the other fledgling because I had to jump on the subway to get to work. I will return to the park early this evening for my 'second shift'.

*Update* - I heard from a hawk-watching friend in the park that at about 9:30AM, either Rosie or Bobby delivered food for the fledgling atop a building (the Pless building for those of you who know the park) across the street from where it sat on Silver. The fledgling did not want to go and stayed put, crying. The adult hawk then dropped the food off to the fledgling where it sat. Both Bobby and Rosie have been accounted for. The second fledgling has not been spotted yet by my hawk-watching friends so far.

As of 11:40AM, the fledgling is still sitting at the same spot in front of the window.

*4:51 PM update: A friend who was in the park this morning after I left generously sent me the following beautiful photos of Bobby and Rosie with the fledgling to add to this post should I wished. She prefers to remain anonymous but many of us know who you are and appreciate all that you do. Thank you!!

Rosie and Bobby trying to tempt the fledgling to eat on the corner of Pless:

Bobby with food, dropping it off to the fledgling who didn't want to budge from Silver Center:

Bobby and fledgling:


Rosie came to visit with the fledgling: