One fledgling's first major adventure - May 29th/30th, 2012

I wrote the following about one of the fledgling's first major adventure in my previous post:

"*9:14AM update - After I left the park a couple of friends let me know that one of the fledglings tried to land on a window sill at Two Fifth Avenue but there was no sill so it dropped down into a fenced off construction area. It wasn't injured and was seen perching and moving about without effort in the area. 

It stayed there overnight and was seen by a friend this morning. It still seemed well. My friend told two site workers about the fledgling and they said they'd look out for it. Hopefully it will find its way out on its own shortly. I'll keep you posted if I hear more.

*10:32AM update - The fledgling that landed in a construction area is now free and jump-flapping on a second floor terrace at Two Fifth Avenue."

I decided to devote a separate post to this adventure so that I could give a more proper update. Throughout the morning, the fledgling that dropped into a construction area found its way out of its spot and made its way from the top of an air conditioner to nearby terraces and railings where it exercised and practiced flapping and flying.

Rosie caught a rodent and flew by it three times in order to entice it away from the building and to get something to eat. The fledgling instead flew to a higher part of the building to perch upon. No worries; it will get hungry and chase and beg mom for food soon enough.

Fledgling relaxing on a terrace railing (photo courtesy of one of my friends):