Both of Rosie's and Bobby's babies have fledged - May 28th, 2012

8:25PM - One of the babies fledged a few minutes ago. It flew and went to NYU's Silver Center (building at the northeastern corner of the park). Both Bobby and Rosie were at Silver as well.

8:36PM - It is sitting on Silver, right side of the building, three stories from the top (in front of a window where you can see its silhouette). Rosie is sitting not three feet from it. Bobby is on top of an NYU flag pole atop the same building so they are both very close to the fledgling.

8:49PM - It's too dark to tell but the second baby might have already fledged as well.

8:50PM - An adult hawk went to the nest, picked up food, then flew it to the cross. It's on the cross now, alone, with the food.

8:54PM - It's presumed the second baby has fledged. No one will know until the morning or unless the remaining baby appears on the cam. Since one of the adults returned to the nest again and no baby walked toward it or showed itself, it may be safe to assume the ledge is empty except for that adult.

9:08PM - Both babies have indeed fledged and are sitting near each other, in front of the same window on Silver Center. They are seated at most a couple of feet from each other. It looks like Rosie is the adult sitting on the library window ledge. Bobby cannot be seen at the moment.

9:43PM - The babies are still seated near each other. It's late and dark out so they will presumably spend the evening together where they are.