Pale Male, Zena, and their three kids - May 12th, 2012

Saturday's visit to Central Park was the first time I ever spent quality time with Pale Male which is kind of surprising considering I'm an admirer of his and have known about him since 2001. And, of course, surprising considering my favorite subjects to photograph are Red-tailed Hawks!

Zena was in the nest tending to the three babies.

Pale Male soon arrived, dropping off what looked like a pigeon for the family:

I was so nervous photographing him. He's a legend and I didn't want to mess up while taking pictures of him.

He soared north:

Zena began to feed the babies:

Pale Male soared with a harassing Kestrel in tow for a couple of minutes:

The Kestrel did not give up:

The Kestrel is in the upper right-hand corner:

View of the scene from further back. Pale Male is sitting on a terrace railing on the left. The Kestrel is in the sky high above him:

He eventually landed out of view: 

He stayed there for a long while so I began to leave the area.

Bethesda Fountain, a nice sight to cap my visit to the park: