Rosie, Bobby, and their two growing kids - May 12th, 2012

I only spent 45 minutes with the Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawk family this morning because I had a busy day ahead of me (part of which involved visiting Pale Male's family; photos in an upcoming post!). There was lots of hawk activity in the short amount of time I was with them.

Bobby hawk on the cross in the far distance (past the red Bobst Library on the left):

Babies up and about on the nest ledge:

Rosie on the window ledge to the right of the nest:

She soared and circled the southern end of the park a few times:

She eventually returned to the nest:

Baby cocking its head to the side to watch her landing:


He soared pretty far east of the park:

The baby hawks are growing fast. Flapping, hopping, and kicking up downy feather bits:


Babies watching her as she flies away:

After several minutes of soaring and then flying out of sight, she reappeared bringing material to the nest:

View of the nest from below:

Lots of slice (poop) on the sidewalk below. The black spots are old pieces of chewing gum. I sure would get a kick out of seeing someone get hit with a slice one of these days. :)

Rosie flying to Judson Memorial Church cross: 

Full circle. My last photo from my visit mirrored my first unintentionally. Bye, hawks. See you again soon.