Rosie with the kids before the rain - May 14th, 2012

When I first got to Washington Square Park today, both Bobby and Rosie were sitting on the Judson Memorial Church cross. Because my camera and lens weren't assembled yet, I didn't get to take photos of Bobby swooping low off the cross then heading east. 


Lots of apricot on this baby's chest. More than on its sibling's:

Rosie dove into the trees not far below the nest. She quickly had a little creature in her beak. I don't know if she caught the prey or collected it from a branch but I did see her rise up from the ground and to a branch with her prey so she may have caught and killed it in those few seconds.

She brought the prey to a building top at the eastern side of the park:

She then brought it to the nest:

Baby watching her preen:

Baby hopping and flapping:

Rosie flew east and perched on NYU's Silver Center:

It was dinner time and beginning to rain so I had to pack it in and say goodnight.