Rosie's bath and both hawks hunting - May 5th, 2012

Saturday was a fabulous day of following the Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks Rosie and Bobby around. I had intended on being in the park for a couple of hours but ended up staying for six! 

Highlights of the day were Rosie taking a bath, Bobby catching and eating a pigeon, Rosie sitting on a park lamp post right above people, and Rosie catching a little rat. And, of course, their beautiful flying and sitting at new and interesting perches.

The day started with Rosie flying over the trees above and landing on a building diagonally across from the nest:

Flying to the nest:

In the nest with Bobby:


Rosie and baby:

Rosie joined Bobby:

Cleaning off her beak:

Rosie left the perch and went to NYU's Law Building's rain gutter to take a bath:

A park-goer said he saw people walking on the sidewalk get wet from Rosie's bath water. Hilarious!

Happy shake:

Wings slightly outstretched for drying:

Bobby still hanging out on the cross:

Rosie continued on her way:

Rosie joined Bobby again:


Rosie returned to the nest:

Back with Bobby:

Bobby stretch:

Rosie flew east then back to the nest:

Bobby dropped down to catch a pigeon:

The pigeon started to slip off the branch so Bobby grabbed it and brought it to another place to eat:

Bobby walked back and forth on the ledge a couple of times over several minutes.


Bobby walked out of sight again. When I saw Rosie sitting on the ledge I thought I was seeing things. Wait, wasn't I watching Bobby? Where's Bobby?


Bobby popped back into view. He had been sitting further back on the roof. Rosie on the left, Bobby on the right:

He flew north over the park and out of sight from my vantage point.


Bobby reappeared on the cross:

Rosie had ventured to the eastern side of the park and was sitting atop one of the lamp posts:

She was calmly scanning the ground for prey but was causing quite an awesome scene for everyone around who saw her.

She dropped onto a lawn still fenced off for seeding:

An excited kid yelled out, "It got something!"

She had caught a young rat:

The crowd cheered and laughed over her triumph:

She brought the rat to the nest.

I left the park with Bobby still sitting on the cross: