Rosie's stick fight and sun bath - May 25th, 2012

I'm off to bed (it's 11:33PM) but wanted to post these two fun photos from today's visit with the Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks Rosie and Bobby. 

I'll complete sorting and uploading the remaining photos tomorrow. 

*Good morning*

Here are the remaining photos from the exciting day!



He must have been pretty hungry because he took some food from the nest to eat for himself:


It was hot and hazy in the park. You can probably see the haze showing slightly in the photo below. The little hawks are really getting the hang of flying from one end of the ledge to the other. Fledging is more and more imminent:

Bobby on one of his favorite kitty corners of NYU's Silver Center:

Rosie preening on the cross:

Rosie flew down to the park trees to hunt.

Mouse within a clump of leaves:

I saw but missed photographing Rosie swallowing the mouse practically whole.


Rosie flew to the ground and started attacking something.

I thought maybe she was killing a rat. But then saw she was dealing with a long, tubular shape which looked like a garden snake!

She was hopping and flapping and kicking with gusto.

Turns out it was a big stick!

Was she playing? Trying to snap a piece off for her nest?

In either case, she left it alone and flew to a nearby tree:

Rosie cooling off:

Pale Male posed similarly yesterday when shielding his babies from the sun.

Happy shake: