Bobby and kids with leftovers - June 19th, 2012

I got to Washington Square Park late but saw plenty of Hawk activity during my visit. 

One of the fledglings was on the same lawn I saw the Hawks on yesterday. It was enjoying a rat meal.

Bobby hopped down to the lawn as well:

Not long after, the fledgling flew near him and guarded the leftovers.

Bobby flew to a nearby tree:

The fledgling danced about the rat, kicking and seizing its body in domination:

The fledgling then hauled the rat across the lawn and a couple of park paths before landing in a tree. The rat was so heavy, the fledgling practically dragged it across the lawn before getting enough lift to hoist it onto the branch.

The fledgling's sibling was a few trees away but in sight of all the activity:

The first fledgling brought the rat to another tree further south.

Bobby was perched near the northern border of the park. He was in a high perch and had a good view of the park and everything going on in the area:

Caught in mid-blink:

The rat-less fledgling flew to Bobby's side:

He left the little Hawk and flew toward the eastern side of the park:

The fledgling that had eaten the rat flew from the southern side of the park more toward the middle path:

The fledgling that had landed near Bobby enjoyed a preen:

I went searching for Rosie and Bobby and found Bobby on his way to the Judson Memorial Church cross:

He later soared in tight circles above the northern part of the park and beyond:

I had to leave for the day. I was disappointed not to see Rosie during my visit but found out later that she was accounted for and was doing well; traveling throughout the park as the other three Hawks did before it became dark.